Butterfly Viscaria data and reviews

Manufacturer data
Speed 8.7 / 12
Control 7.2 / 12
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials 5 wood plies; 2 Arylate-carbon

User data
Compositionkoto - arylate/carbon - limba - kiri - limba - arylate/carbon - koto

Blades with same composition(closest in thickness listed first):
Blade NameSpeedControlHardnessStiffnessOverallThickness
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC9.
Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC9.
Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit8.
Dawei GTO8.
Mishima Butterfly Viscaria

Blades with similar user data(speed, control, hardness, stiffness; closest in characteristics listed first):
Blade NameSpeedControlHardnessStiffnessOverall
Juic Maple Shot8.
Butterfly All Hinoki
Andro HiLoom8.
Nittaku Tenaly Carbon9.
Donic Ovtcharov Original Senso Carbon8.
Butterfly Senkoh HCK9.
Xi Up Decimate9.
(No Brand) Orina Gagak
TSP Hino-Carbon Speed8.
Dawei Navigator WRC8.

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Similar to TBS, but with few small differences which together makes it a different blade: a little bit faster, a little bit more flexy, a little bit higher throw angle. Which ( for me ) makes this blade more suitable for brush looping than TBS. I had three TBS, and Viscaria is better than any of them. With TBS I play with pretty open bat angle, with viscaria easier to loop over the ball (more horizontal brush), also easier to attack or safely return ball whan you little bit late and ball going down. Short game is good, loop and block also, nothing special for flat hitting (I miss same amount of hits like I miss with other blades). Handle (I have FL) is better(slightly thicker) than TBS handle.ivan