Nittaku Latika data and reviews

Manufacturer data
Speed 86 / 100
Control 78 / 100
Weight 88g
Plies 5

User data
Composition5 ply

Blades with same composition(closest in thickness listed first):
Blade NameSpeedControlHardnessStiffnessOverallThickness
Reactor DJ2007.
Nittaku Latika Light8.
Nittaku Tenaly Acoustic7.
Tibhar Black Silver5.
Killerspin X507.
Giant Dragon Katana 5P7.
Nittaku Kim Kyung Ah7.
Nittaku Tiluna6.
Nittaku Resist6.2
Nittaku New Defence4.
Friendship/729 Sensor Grip8.
Blutenkirsche B-30049.
Ulmo Blades D-Tector5.
Butterfly Timo Boll Forte8.
Nittaku Piecea9.
Hallmark Strategy
Hallmark Combination Effect8.
KTL (LKT - Li Kuang Tsu) 9030
Double Happiness (DHS) Hurricane H-WN8.
Donic Waldner Exclusive AR+

Blades with similar user data(speed, control, hardness, stiffness; closest in characteristics listed first):
Blade NameSpeedControlHardnessStiffnessOverall
Butterfly All Hinoki
Butterfly Innerforce AL8.
Donic Testra AR Plus7.
Sword V-8 Carbon7.
Donic Baum SawTec OFF8.
Butterfly Primorac7.
Butterfly Kiso Hinoki V8.
Donic Waldner Dicon7.
Cornilleau Hinotec OFF-
Butterfly Oh Sang Eun7.

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