Killerspin X50 data and reviews

Manufacturer data
Speed 80 / 100
Control 88 / 100
Weight 87g
Plies 5

User data
Composition5 ply

Blades with same composition(closest in thickness listed first):
Blade NameSpeedControlHardnessStiffnessOverallThickness
Tibhar Black Silver5.
Nittaku Tenaly Acoustic7.
Reactor DJ2007.
Nittaku Latika7.
Nittaku Latika Light8.
Giant Dragon Katana 5P7.
Nittaku Kim Kyung Ah7.
Nittaku Resist6.2
Friendship/729 Sensor Grip8.
Blutenkirsche B-30049.
Nittaku Tiluna6.
Nittaku New Defence4.
Ulmo Blades D-Tector5.
Butterfly Timo Boll Forte8.
Nittaku Piecea9.
KTL (LKT - Li Kuang Tsu) 9030
Hallmark Strategy
Hallmark Combination Effect8.
Ulmo Blades Spin-Block Def
Double Happiness (DHS) Hurricane H-WN8.

Blades with similar user data(speed, control, hardness, stiffness; closest in characteristics listed first):
Blade NameSpeedControlHardnessStiffnessOverall
Donic Waldner Hybrid Nano7.
Sunflex Martinez Light Premium ALL+
Galaxy (Yinhe/Milkyway) 350 Year7.
Giant Dragon Katana 5P7.
Reactor CK-
Stiga J.M. Saive Control7.
Nittaku Hurricane Wang Hao (H-WH)
Juic Kalinic7.
JOOLA Zolli Light7.
Giant Dragon Kris Special7.

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