Tibhar Aurus Soft data and reviews

Manufacturer data
Speed 104
Spin 112
Control 95
Tenzor No
Anti No

User data
Throw angle6.6

Rubber weights(if any):
ThicknessColorMassLengthWidthSpec. mass

Rubbers with similar user data (closest in characteristics listed first):
RubberSpeedSpinControlHardnessWeightTackinessSpringinessGearsThrow angleDurabilityOverall
Tibhar 5Q8.
JOOLA Rhyzm 4258.
Tibhar Genius+ Optimum8.
Butterfly Tenergy 649.
Donic Bluefire M28.
Donic Acuda S28.
Tibhar Genius8.
Donic Baracuda8.
Xiom Omega 3 Euro8.
Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX9.

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Main thing, although this rubber has word soft in name, it's not soft, it's medium hard. Looking by numbers, this rubber was exactly what I wanted on bh. And I got what was expected, not too fast, very good spin, not heavy (although I'd say also not light), good control. My sheet is 1.9mm, so it's not bouncy, but still good for loops and counters. On net there are words it's like yasaka rakza 7 soft, and this intrigued me because I use rakza soft on bh for years. Aurus soft has harder sponge than rakza soft and topsheet feels softer. Initially I thought this rubber is rubbish, I can't play with it at all, but after session or two I found rubber is pretty good, maybe even more linear than rakza soft, I'd say more similar to regular rakza 7 (but to me feels it has softer topsheet). Speed depends of how much energy you invest in shot, which I like. Durability I can't say for sure yet, but after one month, no any signs of wearing, so it seems durable. Throw angle is medium, maybe slightly above. Not springy/bounceable. All in all very good allround rubber.ivan